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An Island known for its impressive volcanic rocks, its colourful beaches and the amazing sunset views. An island with white-washed cave settlements, blue domes and cobblestone streets. An island with extra ordinary gastronomy, famous wineries and select local products. There are also, ancient cities, beautiful churches, the lavish mansions, traditional cafes, the museums and the artefacts and turn our journey into a unique experience.


Arriving to the Island of Santorini, you will come across a unique landscape…!!! A volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC caused the greatest part of the island to sink into the sea, thus forming a sea basin with steep cliffs, the so-called ‘Caldera’.  Look Up! Settlements with colourful little houses, built on the top of the caldera, look like they are hanging on the edge of the steep cliffs.


The houses, elegant mansions and beautiful churches you will find built in this scenic settlement follow the traditional local architecture. High walls built around internal courtyards, as well as their imposing wooden doors indicate the residents’ fear of pirate invasions.  Visit the church of Agios Nikolaos, with its simple bell tower, in Plaka and enjoy the magnificent view.

The Castle of Akrotiri 

One of the five castles or ‘Kastelia’, that can be found on the island, also known as La Ponta. The tower hosts an exhibition and a workshop for the construction of ‘tsabouna’ and other traditional musical instruments.  The Kastelia were fortified settlements created during the Venetian domination to protect the inhabitants of the island from pirate raids and looting. 

The lighthouse of Akrotiri

At the western end of the island stands one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Cyclades! We will visit it to enjoy the stunning view and colours at sunset. 

White beach | Aspri Paralia 

A boat from Akrotiri will take you to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island! With white, tall rocks, white and grey pebbles, black fine sand and crystal-clear waters, this small beach is the ideal spot for relaxation and tranquillity. 

Red Beach | Kokkini Paralia 

The most famous beach on the island, with red white and black sand and purple steep cliffs! We can visit here either by foot from the Akrotiri port or by boat from Akrotiri, Kamari or Perissa. 

The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri 

One of the most important archaeological sites in the Aegean, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri. The great volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC buried the settlement under tons of tephra and for this reason it has been preserved in a very good condition to date. Stroll around the streets and squares of the prehistoric settlement and observe the elaborate multi-storey buildings. 


Follow the island’s walking paths! There are several routes along the caldera, in the mainland and in the area of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri. Along the paths you will come across many prickly pear trees. This is a cacti plant with healing properties. 

D. Nomikos Tomato Industrial Museum 

Visitors to the D. Nomikos Tomato Industrial Museum in Vlychada will discover how the tomatoes are cultivated and processed, and experience the traditional methods for the production of tomato paste first hand.  A special variety of tomatoes has been cultivated in Santorini since the end of the 19th century. The Santorini cherry tomato grows due to the morning moisture withheld by the soft volcanic soil and it has a distinctive, sweet flavor. 

Emporio or Nimborio 

One of the largest villages in Santorini and the historical location for trading activities of goods on the island. Wander around the narrow, labyrinthine streets of the castle, explore the ruins of the feudal tower Goulas, and take time to enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the traditional cafes.  Listen to the locals speak! Most of the village’s inhabitants still use the old local dialect of Santorini. 

Traditional Koufeto Sweet 

Ingredients: honey, almond kernels, brandy, Preparation: Peel the almonds, open them in half and let them dry. Combine them with part of the honey in a saucepan and over medium heat and stir until golden brown. Remove from the heat, sprinkle with brandy and add the rest of the honey, stirring well. Empty it in a big plate and serve. The Koufeto is Santorini‘s traditional wedding sweet. 


To the south of the mountain called Mesa Vouno lies the famous beach of Perissa. With fine, black sand and clear waters it offers all the necessary amenities. The visitors can also enjoy water sports and diving facilities. 

The ruins of the ancient basilica of Saint Irene have been discovered here, at the foot of the Mesa Vouno. Observe the remaining fragments of the lintel, with its special carved decorations. 


Discover the treasures of the island, just a few meters below the sea level! Dive into a world of caves, shipwrecks, reefs and other impressive underwater areas, by choosing from a variety of programs organized by diving centers operating on the island. 

Ancient Thera 

The urban, administrative and religious center of the island until the end of antiquity. The city of Ancient Thera was founded by the Dorians in the 8th century BC on the hill of the Mesa Vouno. Here you will discover ruins of the Hellenistic era with public buildings, private homes and sanctuaries, as well as remnants of subsequent periods.  Two inscribed columns of Roman origin stand at the Royal Portico (Vasiliki Stoa) in the centre of the city. 

Traditional folk festivals 

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit one of the traditional folk festivals on the island! The church service in honour of the patron saint is followed by a feast, with songs, dances and of course, local wine.  One of the most famous traditional feasts takes place every summer, on the 20th of July, at the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. 


One of the most popular beaches in Santorini! At the foot of the Mesa Vouno, Kamari beach is 5 km long, with dark sand and crystal-clear waters. Here you will find many hotels, shops, taverns, cafes, etc., as well as the only open air cinema on the island. 

Mesa Gonia

This settlement used to be one of the largest wine production centres in Santorini. However, it was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake that struck the island in 1956. Visit the modern wineries in the old ones.  The Byzantine churchgoers Episkopi Gonia, or Panagia Episkopis or Panagia Gonias is located here, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. 

Exo Gonia

This quiet little village is built amphitheatrically on a hillside. Walk up to the temple of Saint Charalambos and enjoy the beautiful view.  The former community store of the village, built in the late 19th century, is one of the few mansions that resisted the earthquake of 1956 and has been declared a site under preservation. 


A medieval village with exceptional architecture! Walk up to the castle, cross the fortification formed by the exterior facades of the houses and loose yourselves in the narrow streets. The view from the highest village in Santorini is spectacular.  The atmosphere in Pyrgos is arresting during Easter days. At the Epitaph procession, the locals light up torches and candles and the village gives the impression of being on fire. 

Sweet Cheese Tartlets | Melitinia

Ingredients: flour, butter, salt, milk, unsalted myzithra cheese, eggs, mastic, cinnamon. 

Preparation: Mix the flour, salt, butter and milk to prepare the dough and let it stand. Crumble the cheese and mix it with the egg yolk. Add butter, salt and the mastic and blend thoroughly. Roll out the dough and let it stand. Crumble the cheese and mix it with the egg yolk. Add butter, salt and the mastic and blend thoroughly. Roll out the dough and cut out into 7 cm diameter circles. Take one spoonful of the filling and place it in each piece, pressing with your fingers on top to close the dough. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake on a buttered baking sheet. 


This extraordinary village is built on both sides of a gorge, 5 kilometers long. Its architecture is a striking composition of cave houses and open air spaces, with narrow paths and stairs, in the colours of volcanic rock.  Look for the church of Panagia Trypa, just outside the settlement. Carved in a volcanic rock, it was once a shelter from the raids of pirates. 

Yellow Split Peas Purée | Fava

Ingredients: yellow split peas, onion, salt, olive oil, fresh herbs. 

Preparation: Rinse the split peas thoroughly, clean them and place them in a saucepan with salted water to boils. Add a dash of olive oil, an onion chopped in quarters and lower the heat. Stir often, allowing it to cook for about 40 minutes, until the texture is thick. Serve garnished with fresh herbs and a trickle of olive oil poured on top.  The famous fava of Santorini is made from the seeds of varieties of the indigenous plant Lathyrus clymenum. 


An industrial centre and the home of prominent residents of the island during the 19th century. Here you will find traditional mansions with characteristic walls made of black stone and white calcareous mortar.  Visit the Argyros Mansion, built in 1888, the only mansion that is nowadays open to the public. 


This settlement of cave houses is built on the bed of an old stream! Its name comes ‘waiting point’, as local people were allegedly hiding here waiting for the pirates. Another interpretation claims that local people were waiting here for the return of sailors from long commercial trips. 


Built on the top of the caldera, with breath-taking views of the blue sea and sky! Stroll around the vibrant capital of the island, with both colorful and white buildings carved into the volcanic rocks, and lose yourselves in the cobblestone narrow streets, full of shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars and more. 

Pebble mosaics 

Admire the pebble mosaics found in most courtyards, squares and cobblestone streets in Santorini! They bear geometric or plant design and are made from black, red, grey, and less often, white volcanic rocks. 

Emmanuel A. Lignos Folk Art Museum

The museum is housed in a cave building, dating back to 1861, in Kontochori. Observe the layout of the space, a typical example of a cave house. Furniture, decorative items, household utensils, a gramophone and other items are preserved in the main room, bringing you to the atmosphere of the early 20th century. 

Cultural Centre Megaro Gyzi 

The cultural Centre Megaro Gyzi is housed in a 17th-century mansion, with an impressive half-covered patio. The permanent collections that can be viewed in it include engraving, paintings, photos, rocks of Santorini and other exhibits. It is worthwhile to attend some of the cultural events taking place here during the summer months. 

The Archaeological Museum of Thera

A remarkable museum with finding from ancient Thera and other archaeological sites. Explore the inscriptions and sculptures from the Arabic to the Roman period, figurines and vases from the Geometric to the Hellenistic Era, prehistoric finds and more. 

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Explore the civilizations that developed in Prehistoric Thera, with finding from the 5th millennium BC to the 17th century BC. Take a change to marvel at the masterpieces of the Akrotiri Archaeological site and other locations in Santorini, such as frescoes, pottery, jersey, tools and more.  The fresco depicting a young fisherman is considered one of the most important from the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri and bears impressive red, brown and blue colours. 

Bellonio Cultural Foundation 

The Bellinio Foundation is an important cultural centre for the promotion of letters, arts and sciences and the island’s cultural and intellectual development. Visit the foundation’s library with over 35.000 book titles. 

Mesa Gialos

Once the old port of Fira, the bay of Mesa Gialos is nowadays used as a docking port for cruise ferries and a starting point for daily boat excursions. You will arrive here from Fira by funicular or following the Gialos path, a stone-made street with 587 steps, on foot or riding on donkeys.  Observe the cave buildings on the rock and the caves created by erosion; a truly impressive landscape!

Volcano Nea and Palaia Kameni

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece! The uninhabited, volcanic islets in the centre of the caldera, Nea and Palaia Kameni, lie as a proof of the geological adventures the island has been through. Admire this unique landscape with the lava layers, the sulfur smell, the hot stones and the yellowish, warm waters. 

Korfos, Therassia

Therassia is the second largest island in the caldera complex. In the scenic harbour of Korfos rest the boats that take daily trips. In the taverns found here you can taste the local products, grown in the white volcanic soil by the few inhabitants of the island. 

Agrilia, Therassia

One of the oldest settlements on the island, now abandoned. Explore the ruins of the impressive, almost invisible, cave houses.  At the entrance of the settlement you can see the elaborately decorated church of Panagia Esodeion or Lagadiou, built in 1887. 


It is worth visiting this picturesque harbour, below Oia, for its crystal-clear waters! After your swim, do not miss out on tasting traditional dishes in one of its taverns, located right on the beach. 


A donkey ride on the paved streets in an unforgettable experience! These hard-working animals have always served as a means of transportation for the locals and their products to reach, otherwise inaccessible, areas and narrow streets. 

Oia Village

Come here to enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Aegean Sea! A particularly popular destination, Oia will enchant you with its charming cobbler streets, its colourful architecture with the cave building and houses, its beautiful churches, the lavish traditional mansions and the flower-filled courtyards. 

Maritime Museum of Oia

Explore the island’s maritime history! The museum is housed in an exceptional 19th century mansion, a captain’s house. Here you can see items such as marine equipment, sailboat accessories, ship diaries, nautical maps, watercolour paintings, photos, etc. 

Traditional weaving mill, Oia

Woven kilims, rugs, bedclothes and other types of Greek textile art are created here by the women of the village on traditional looms. In the showroom, you will find unique handmade textiles in many colours and designs. 

Exhibition of Ancient and Byzantine Musical Instruments, Oia

This is a truly remarkable collection of replicas of musical instruments dating back to 2.800 BC and up to the beginning of the 20th century. The replicas have been constructed through the study of sources and historical data that testify to their use and existence from the Prehistoric to the Byzantine period. 


Red, blue, ochre, white and brown are the colours that dominate this quaint settlement! An important wine production centre in the past, you will now find many ‘kanaves’ here, which are vaulted buildings where merchants and families made and stored their wine. 


Taste the famous Santorini wines in one of its wineries. The scare rainfall and the intense sunshine combined with the moisture-retaining volcanic soil contribute to the production of exceptional grapes with unique characteristics.  Note the ring shape that the farmers use in the vines. This particular pruning technique, used exclusively in Santorini, protects the vineyards from high winds and droughts. 


One of the quietest beaches on the island, with red and black pebbles and steep rocks! It takes its name from the underwater active volcano Columbus, located just a few kilometers away.  The geological layers on the rocks reveal the volcanic activity in the area. 


The most important of the five castles, that used to be the capital of the island during the Venetian domination. The settlement of Skaros was built with stone, with dense construction, labyrinthine narrow streets and strong fortification. The entrance was on the east side and access was made possible through a wooden drawbridge. Ruins of its Foundation’s still exist today. 

Weddings in Santorini 

The island of Santorini is one of the most romantic destinations! People from all over the world come here on their honeymoon, but also to exchange their vows of eternal love. 


Come here to enjoy the spectacular view of the imposing volcanic landscape.




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